We Remember – 22.05.17

A memorial has been placed at the door of the Church in memory of the events of May 22nd 2017.The photos below show this.

For those with a printer perhaps you could print the poster below, colour it in and put it in a window on Friday 22nd May. There is a link to a PDF version here :- Remember220517.JPG


Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2020 began on Sunday 10th May. The letter below has been sent to all churches in Sale.

From Chris Boyes – Christian Aid Week – Co-ordinator – Sale Group of Churches

In 2020 Christian Aid more than ever needs your support to be able to continue its project work for the most vulnerable in the countries in which it is currently operating.

There can be no house-to-house collection in 2020 however donations can still be made direct to Christian Aid at  https://www.christianaid.org.uk/

And you can also create a Christian Aid e-Envelope which you can send to your friends and family and post on Social Media to widen the appeal further for funds at a time when they have never more been needed.

To do this go to  https://envelope.christianaid.org.uk/add-message

And on the Christian Aid Website and most especially their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/christianaid/ and Twitter feeds https://twitter.com/christian_aid

you can find loads more information about the work of Christian Aid and about other resources available now including a link to an online service being streamed today at 1 pm and available afterwards via YouTube

I do hope you will be able to offer your support in some way in 2020

Many,  many  thanks


VE Day Celebration


For the words of the songs being used please click on the link below. The songs are for the 1:30pm and 2:15pm sessions.

VE day soingalong

The photos below show the Church decorated for VE75 day

The screenshots below were taken from the live video feeds during the event.

Another Easter Garden

In the Vicar’s sermon during this mornings streamed service she mentioned an Easter garden that had been made on a patch of ground near her house. The photo below shows the garden.

To see the service go to the bottom of our Home page and click on the’f’ icon. Some instructions for non-Facebook users appear just above and to the right of the ‘f’ icon.