Proposed Development opposite Church

An announcement is being made regarding the development of the land opposite the Church tomorrow (Oct 16th). The Vicar has been involved with discussions with the group behind this and as she will be retiring at the end of January wonders if any Church member would like to represent the Church during the development process. St Paul’s have no position at present on the development ie. neither oppose or support it. The following is just for information.

The following email has been sent by Michael Brown who is a director of AlteredSpace :-

“I just wanted to let you all know that we will be unveiling a new name for The Square Shopping Centre tomorrow at the HIYA community space on the Mall as well as via social Media.  Ideally we would have held a small event and issued an invite to you all however for obvious reasons that didn’t seem appropriate at present.

The name we have gone for is ‘Stanley Square’ and rather than me writing a long winded explanation as to the origin of the name I have attached some of the presentation boards that will be available for the local community to see in HIYA from Friday 16th – Friday 23rd October (1-am-2pm each day exc. Sunday 18th).  The Boards provide an update on our plans to physically regenerate the asset as well as the design concept behind the rebrand.

It is our intention to manage the gallery space at HIYA responsibly to ensure effective social distancing so please feel free to drop down if you get a chance.

Many thanks & hope you like the content.  Please feel free to pass on any feedback.


Michael Brown


+44 (0) 7771 577 970″

The two documents below were sent with the email above