Letter from the Vicar – April 2017

Dear Friends

This year Easter Day is about the middle of the dates we can expect it to fall on and yet it still seems to have arrived rather quickly. But on the bright side the sun and the spring also seem to have arrived quite quickly this year and people are enjoying time in their gardens, relaxing or
tidying and planting. The church garden is also in need of attention and this year. there is to be a Ground maintenance morning the first Saturday of each month. If you can help you would be very
welcome and we would be most grateful to you. We also need help with cleaning and caring for the inside of the church and if you can help with this in any way please talk to either myself or one of the Sidespeople and we can help you find your place in one of the church cleaning teams.

It is important that we look after our church and grounds, but is it also important to look after our spiritual life and one of the ways we do that is to espouse a Lenten discipline of giving up
or taking something on. I hope that if you have taken on Lenten Discipline you are managing to keep to it. I decided mine this year would be to give away 40 items, they had to be good, useful things, not rubbish. At first it was fairly easy but as the days pass I find myself looking at things I have not used for several years and wondering should I give it away. It has shown me just how much stuff I have in my cupboards that I don’t use, and made me wonder why I like so many people keep stuff I know I will never use again.

This collecting and owning far more stuff than we need is, I think, a habit many of us as fall into. Maybe we really need to change that habit and share what we don’t need with those who are in great need, we can do this via the Mustard Tree who we support, it is good to see their basket
filling up each week, or through one of the many charity shops there are.

As well as having a physical clear out and what used to be termed a Spring clean there are also times when we need a Spiritual spring clean, when we look at what we have to offer to God and the
church and see if we need to reassess what we are capable of doing to try to match it up with what needs doing and to make sure we are not in a spiritual rut. I hope that everyone in St Paul’s will be willing to undergo a Spiritual Spring clean over the next year or so via a course called SHAPE. The SHAPE course helps us to look at ourselves and helps us to make best use of the gifts and talents God has given us.

First though we have Easter to journey through to remember our Saviour and his work on the cross. I hope that you will join me for as many as you possibly can of the Easter week services so that we can remember his words and his actions together building up our Community and our Spiritual lives together.

Yours in Christ