At St. Paul’s Church, Sale, we are committed to ensuring the welfare of the children and vulnerable adults who come here. We have team of with volunteers who have been checked to ensure they are suitable for such work and have been approved of by the PCC.

We draw on the guidance given to the P.C.C. by the Church of England Diocese of Chester,

 ‘Promoting a Safer, Church’. This provides a policy statement for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults, which applies to all Church bodies and Church officers.  St Paul’s Church, Sale PCC agreed on 24th September 2019 to adopt this as its Safeguarding Policy and has designated. 

Carole Shakeshaft Safeguarding Officer. 0161 969 6319 or mobile : 07884296010

 She will represent the concerns and views to the PCC. 

Rev. Barbara Sharp will support her is this role. 0161 973 1042

 They will respond quickly where issues of a person’s welfare are raised and work effectively with other agencies.

 The policy statement will be reviewed annually. 

Help and support is always available from the Diocese of Chester or Thirty-one eight, an organisation which helps  St. Paul’s Church with Safeguarding issues.

We are committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults in our community and will champion the cause of children’s welfare in the wider society. Our basis is the love of God, through which we want to enable our church community to nurture and empower children and vulnerable adults to grow to fulfil their potential. Their welfare of is paramount.

The poster below is displayed in Church