Letter from the Vicar – May 2017

Dear Friends

The first thing I want to do this month is thank those people who helped in any way with the Easter services. Those who led the Stations of the Cross services in Lent, those who helped with the two new mission initiatives, those who led or read at the Easter week services and the Musicians who once again did us proud. I also want to thank those who beautified the church and did the preparation of the building and the artefacts we use at Easter. It reminds me of just how many people it takes to make the services run smoothly and enable the people to worship well. My only sadness is that the
services are well attended as I would hope. I feel sure that if people tried them they would get such a lot from them.

The two new initiatives Ashes to Go and a faith breakfast, were both intended to reach out into the community, both were well received and we are already thinking about how we can extend and improve these and add in other events or services that will enhance our mission. If you have any ideas for how we might move forward please do share them.

On April 30th we had our Annual meeting of Parishioners and our Annual Parochial Church meeting but as it was so late in the month- due to the date of Easter I cannot report on it in this letter but I do want to record my thanks to those who have served as officers of the church during the past year.

As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost on 4th June I would remind you that in my Easter sermon I asked you to think about how God does surprising and unexpected things and to pray about what he might be
calling you to do or to change in your life. I hope you will spend some of the quiet time between Easter and Pentecost, the time the Disciples spent thinking about their futures, to think about your
future and what new path God might be calling you to travel.

Yours in Christ